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[IP] Growing Child

 I need help
 > Depending on how old Matt is, I'd suspect growth hormones are playing 
 > tricks on you.  How long has it been since you tested basal? >>

Kap is waking up at 4am - 5am with high bgs. High meaning 350-390.
This is happening about every other night and not every night.  But 
definitely everyother night with highs.  I can contribute it to exercise or 
food high in fat/proteins.  His desire for food has slowed down for the most 
part.  He has become PICKY.  
I check him at bedtime - 11pm and 1-2 am and his #s are GREAT with in range.
I tried to change his basel rate - but I must have overdone it - because he 
woke up 52 - that scared me - so now I have called in his endo.  Only problem 
is she is out of state for 2 weeks.
Not only are the highs concern me - it is the fact he is waking up and waking 
me up to check and determine his bolus.  He has always been surprised he was 
high and not low.  He has been cold, a sure sign of low. 
Does anyone have any thoughts as to a growth spurt - starting and stopping or 
is this a dawn phen thing going on.  
I have ruled out sight change and insulin being old.
Could Someone shed some light on this - until I hear from endo.  
Thank you
Darlene -  Mom (problem solver) to Kap - and I cant solve this problem.  
Which is driving me dizzy.  
We are having cold days and then hot days.  On cold days up the basel rate 
and hot days lower it.  We live in the heart of North Carolina.
As I was writing this, that fact is the only one that makes sense to me.
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