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[IP] RE: Cry for help


It sounds as if you have all the right professional help available to
you and your family and what I may have to say may be of little value
but this is my opinion and since you asked.....

I feel for you and your son.  I still remember my days as a youth and
being afraid of being different, peer pressure, very hard to deal with.
Maybe you can convince him to test only a few times a day, maybe 3
times. Upon waking, before dinner and bed.  This way he will not need to
feel "embarrassed" at school. I occassionally go all day without testing
and it can work for me on a good day. If he can watch what he eats and
becomes fairly comfortable with counting carbs, it may work for him. I
believe the most important BG reading is the first one in the morning.
If he can master the overnights, he may do OK for 6-7 hours a day.  Try
to see if he can meet with other young diabetic adults in his age group. 

You are doing well as a mother.  You are not failing!
Good Luck,
Mark Capozzoli

> I have to deal with the fact, myself, that I am failing as a 
> mother.
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