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[IP] Re: Sad, Mad and Discouraged

Part of Tim Garner's reply to my original post was this message:
<<The fact that you did not know the endo was on 
vacation tells me that you weren't calling often enough>>  

My response to this is that I am very hurt that I have been so misunderstood. 
 I thought this board was supposed to be supportive.  To tell me I wasn't 
calling enough means you didn't listen!  Look at my statement again -- notice 
that I called within every time frame that I was given.  Notice that I called 
for confirmation of receipt and that I even called the insurance company.  We 
were told at the pump seminar that it often takes 1 - 3 months for the 
insurance company to even review these requests.  Our application was 
supposed to have been submitted in Aug. I did my part!  The endo's office is 
the first one who flubbed up!  Then for the insurance company to tell me that 
they had it on their desk???  What am I supposed to do???  Three weeks ago 
they said they had just received it and it would take 2 - 3 weeks before I 
would hear anything.  There was no reason to call until all these deadlines 
were met.  I am not the person here who failed to follow through -- it was 
the professionals!  My word the insurance company never even had a letter 
that they told me they had!  How am I supposed to know they lied to me? How 
could they have a letter that was never written?  How was I supposed to know 
the endo had not written it when they told me they had?  I made my calls and 
was given false information from the endo's office and the insurance company! 
Please, don't try to tell me I didn't do my job!

Another statement was:
<<In the meantime, you can do carb counting with MDI.  If someone took 
away Trent's pump tomorrow I think I would just use R and H and do 
injections every 2 or 3 hours on an indefinite basis.  Even with the 
pump I have to check BG's multiple times during the night, so giving 
injections would be doable>>

We have done carb counting since day one -- we weigh, measure, read nutrition 
labels etc.  We make insulin adjustments as needed and he uses extra carbs to 
treat lows when needed.  BUT when you have 5 hours between am NPH injection 
and lunch that NPH is peaking because it is ready to cover lunch.  Even 
though he has a midmorning snack, he is often going low about 15 - 30 minutes 
before lunch time.  Lowering the NPH (even by 1/2 to 1 unit) will result in 
afternoon and evening highs.  We have been juggling this for over a year and 
a half and believe me it doesn't work!  Both Cory's former and current endo 
as well as his opthomologist, allergist and peditrician say we are doing a 
wonderful job -- it's not us -- it's the insulin,  his allergies/asthma and 
This is not a good day and I don't need someone to tell me that all of these 
problems are my fault!  There is not one person out there who could have done 
more research, studied or worked more or harder than I have since this 
monstor has come into our family.  Cory and I have done everything that is 
within our power to manage this disease.  We have attended many, many hours 
of classes. He has gone to 2 diabetes camps, I have done extensive research 
on the internet and joined several support groups. In the beginning I studied 
this disease and the management of it for 18 - 20 hours a day.  I've asked 
questions, fired 2 previous endos, learned the laws that protect my child 
while he is in school, etc.  I don't need someone to tell me I have not been 
vocal enough or am not doing my job right.  
It is not my goal to create any kind of diversion. I wish to live peacefully 
with all mankind.  I am here to support and educate others and to receive the 
same from them.  We should all be doing our best to make each others lives a 
little brighter each day.
8-}  Just sort of out of it today,
Grand-mom to Cory
age 11 ~ dx'd 12/28/98
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