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[IP] st. louis

Hey all
 I have to share....evenw ith my day in the ER, and my
rushing the doc because I HAD to be at the awards
cermeony--i found good reason for this, althoughb yt
the tim i got home i didn't feel up to it.
 I WON first place..as the Youth Leader of the Year
from our city and now can go to the National Youth
Salute LEadership Conference in St. Louis MO, Oct
21-24...now, I'm not sure if i'm going or not for a
few reasons but I never expected to win!
 My essay was decent, my qualifications were good, and
my interview went great ( i stuck to my guns so much
that after 2 minutes in teh room I was like why the
hech was i nervous..i know what i believe in! --it was
a bunch of "miss america" type questions..
 anyhow I just had to share. still feeling sick but at
least i'm smiling now!

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