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[IP] Re: Care and complications (was Sara SP)

<<It gets even more uncomfortable to acknowledge that some of those
victims with amputations or ? were taking better care of themselves than
I will ever be able to...and they still got complications... If I focus
on "prevention" and not living, I may one day run into a wall that will
stop me dead cause I had unrealistic expectations of the outcome... >>

My endo told me that there were people, who no matter what they did, seemed
to get away with no complications, while other people struggle every day and
still have them.  He said they don't know why, but I think maybe it's got
something to do with genes.  I've been D for 37 years, and while in recent
years, I've worked very had to have good bgs, during my youth, I too, didn't
watch what I ate or drank and seemed to skate through everything with no
problems.  I think it has to do with an ancestor of mine, who reportedly
lived to be 112... I think I got a few of his genes too... *smile*


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