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I am jumping up and down, shouting etc. etc. etc.  
I have just received a report on the Lowest A1C of my entire life!  6.9  
May 2,2000  it was 7.9 up from the 7.2 I had before I ever got the pump 16 
mo. ago.  On July 21, 2000 I was at 8.2 and very very depressed.

Well, how did it happen after all my b...about my 25 # wgt. gain, and after 
still trying to set my basals?  I finally decreased all my basals to .3 since 
I am very insulin sensitive and was still having and feeding so many lows.
This has worked perfectly for me.  Lately I have d/c'd all gravies and 
salad dressings.  Have gone from 11 basal rate with a total with bolusing of 
30-32units, down to 9.2 basal with under 20 total with bolusing.  Can you 
believe, I have better numbers than ever and STILL have not lost 1 ounce!  

Oh well, after being so so jealous of you all with your Wonderful A1c's, I 
can finally add mine to the "Under 7 Club"  Yeah........If I sound like I am 
excited and rattling on and on, well.......................I AM
Thanks for letting me share the Good News with you.  After my husband, the 
next one to tell was y'all!  You mean a lot to me and thanks for the 
knowledge and caring you continue to share with others.  
Stay with the pump those who wonder about it.  It took me 15 mos. to finally 
get it together!  Just had to tell y'all!    Jackie Pearce 
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