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well, started vomiting and not just once..considering
i hadn't eatne that was bad news..
 the appt was 3 hrs away, my dad called the advice
nurse who said to go to the ER, ie b/c it was lunch
break they couldn't see my sooner nad the ER has more
 NO uti, but the complete culture has not been found
yet....no infecxtion.. mild DKA with large ketones. 3
bags of iv..bg are fixed but ketones have not
disappeared..they were surprised with 3 bags i only
peed once and  that doesn't seem right. they said if i
keep having probs they'd admit me...also, a lump under
my underarm that has been there a week or two...hurt
like hechf or a while, then stopped so thought it went
away..realized it didn't...i mean cleear lump..showed
the doc he ddidn't think it wasanything,b ut i'm not
so sure. besides that and stress nothing is abnormal.
 My ketones are still here, i'm not nauseated right
now but tired as hech and bloated from 3 WIDE OPEN Iv
bags..pushed in extra fast..after 3 attempts to find a
vein that would work..
 They want me to see my doc tomorrow, so I made an
emrgcny appointment for 1:45pm and hopefujlly I can
keep that one before things get bad..I have got to ask
her abou tthe lump as well as the ketones still
here...always the hospital uses R in shots and it
brings down number..but why isn't my H wroking at all?
I just got a whole new batch adn have wasted 2 bottles
ina week
 Tired, frustrated, and having to go to an awards
ceremopny in an hour which I don't know what I got...

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