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No Subject

URTASEF wrote:

NOT ME!!!!! I sooooooooo completely disagree with this...of course everyone
is different, but the classes and photos and lectures when I was a young teen
ager did NOTHING but turn me off. I walked OUT of the hospital classroom
when I was 12 and refused to go back in unless they stopped showing pictures.
In my opinion, it is best NOT to scare a kid, or anyone else, right off the
bat, with what MIGHT happen if you don't take care of yourself...cuz you KNOW
there are some people who DO take great care of them selves but they still
have complications. I wish someone had taught me/told me how GREAT my life
could be if I took even a SLIGHT amount of care for my self! How I would
never be made to feel different or be excluded from activities because I was
"sick." I WISH someone had helped me make the connection between having to
pee all the time and HIGH blood sugar!!! For the first 6 years of being a
diabetic, I thought my constant peeing was BECAUSE I had diabetes....There it
was...in black and white, in all the reading material....Symptoms of
diabetes: FREQUENT URINATION. I assumed since I had diabetes, the peeing was
PART of it! No where, in any of my books or lectures, did ANYONE ever tell
me, "if your blood sugar is in control you won't have to pee so much..."
Dammit...it just pisses me off right now..i think about the humiliation I
faced in 9th grade. A huge school group took a trip to the east coast. We
took a bus from DC to NY and about an hour from NY I had to go something
FIERCE!!!!! I told the teacher I was "sick"...she handed me a bag to vomit
in...I said no I was "really really sick." Finally, when I thought I was
gonna explode, she had the bus...and the other SIX buses in our caravan,
stop...so I could pee. There were other events like that. I TOOK my shots,
I more or less followed my exchange diet, (more LESS than MORE obviously).
Having diabetes MEANT you had to pee a lot...I HATED diabetes for THAT alone!

I guess  I have to totally agree with you Sara. I never thought much about 
excursions to the back wards At PGH (Philadelphia General Hospital) was 
instructive for diabetic kids, I told the diabetes educators that it was 
unhelpful and would build resentment an further damage a kids self image. 
Here are these young kids with diabetes that they didn't want and we take 
them to a ward to see mutilated people and blame it on the diabetes. how 
negative. I didn't have diabetes at that point but was leaning towards 
psychiatry. My mother  cured me of that because it didn't fit her image of 
a doctor. When I had diabetes I had ample opportunity as an intern on 
Pathology to see what diabetes did to people and was depressed for months 
and still am. I do not consider the use of limb amputations blindness and 
neuropathic pain a suitable stimulus for caring for ones self which must 
arise from a positive self image and a feeling that we are not defectives. 
furthermore what a thing to look forward to as a teen or pre teen 
adolescent kid. I was glad to find out that NPH would generally stop me 
from, wanting to pee every time I was waiting for a bus. Spot
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted

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