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Re: [IP] MM batteries...

> << My MM information says that we can use 357 batteries, but that
> are
>  > not going to last as long. Has anyone used these long enough to
>  know > if this is true or not?  >>
>   I think what you mean is that MM says that their batteries will
>   last 
> longer.  I don't see how since their batteries are from the same
> company you buy in the store (Energizer).  I don't think spending
> more $$ on the same brand of batteries from MM will make them last
> longer!!

MM's batteries will in general be more reliable, I think primarily 
because they are known to be fresh. I've purchased so called "new" 
batteries at retail stores and found them slightly corroded but still 
in the sealed plastic containers. If the batteries are fresh 
inventory, they should work fine.  Experience bears this out. 
......But, when you buy them over the counter, you don't get the 
handy-dandy little brush for cleaning the leadscrew in the pump -- 
not available anywhere else.

I've put the battery company source on the LINKS page of the web site 
near the bottom in "Commercial Sites"

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