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SNIP>>>Sara, who now can go all day without peeing and hasn't wet her bed in

SEVENTEEN years!!!<<<<SNIP

My dearest Sara, if you go all day without peeing - 8 hours - you are
dehydrated.   We should all (most of us) be drinking at least 2 liters of
water - not diet 7 up, coffee, coke, etc., but   water, each day.   I just
got lectured by my great family doc when I had a kidney stone.  I though
Diet 7 up counted....nope, it has fruit with acid with is more dehydrating.
Now, she said it was better than nothing, but to ward off UTI, kidney
stones, headaches, and a multitude of other things.  

Banish UTIs forever...drink more water...and you get your daily exercise
getting rid of it!    


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