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[IP] Re:Sara Smarty Pants

Oh sh-t, I've made Sara mad at me....I knew this day would come. 

I didn't have the horrible "look at these gross pictures" at the hospital
like you did. Thanks for another perspective. I did have an uncle who had
an amputated foot. Watching him eat whatever he felt like, then losing
his foot, was enough scare tactics for me. But, I agree, it doesn't work
for everyone. Plus, it's not really fair to the people with the
complications 'on exhibit'. Many of them tried hard to control their
diabetes during a time when they didn't have meters and pumps, et al. So
here I am, blaming the victim, and then putting them on display.

Thanks, Sara Smarty Pants, for putting me straight. Now I really am
'scared straight'.

Maureen M.

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