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Re: [IP] Sad, mad and discouraged


My recommendation is to keep calling whoever has the ball to make 
sure things are going forward, always being polite and enthusiastic 
about getting him on the pump and almost apologetic about bothering 
the person again.  The fact that you did not know the endo was on 
vacation tells me that you weren't calling often enough.  My 
stumbling block was the Disetronic people going on vacation and 
losing papers I had faxed to them, but continued phone calls got them 
back on track.

In the meantime, you can do carb counting with MDI.  If someone took 
away Trent's pump tomorrow I think I would just use R and H and do 
injections every 2 or 3 hours on an indefinite basis.  Even with the 
pump I have to check BG's multiple times during the night, so giving 
injections would be doable.

Tim, father of Trent age 4, pumping

>We have been trying to get Cory on an insulin pump for almost a year now.
>Our former endo said he would not put anyone under 12 on one so we left town,
>traveled 2 1/2 hours farther away to get an endo who has a large children's
>pump program.  That was in April!  July 20th he approved a pump for Cory.  On
>Aug. 5th we went to a pump seminar/training session that was required.  We
>completed all our paper work and mailed it to the endo.  About a week later I
>called for confirmation that they had received it.  They said yes and that
>the insurance company would send me a letter of approval or denial and if
>approved we would set up an appointment to get on the pump. Several weeks
>passed and  I never heard anything more so I called the endo again. At that
>time I was told that the endo had just returned from vacation, had dictated
>the letter the night before and it would be sent to the insurance company.
>They said I should hear from the insurance company within 2 - 3 weeks.  When
>I didn't hear from the insurance company I had our agent call them.  The ins.
>co. said they had just received the papers that day and had it on there desk
>right then!  A few days ago, I called the insurance company again to ck on
>the status.  Know what?  The supervisor said they never received a letter
>from the endo.  After going back and forth with the endo for several days,
>they have now decided that they never sent the letter to the insurance
>company!  Now why did they say they did in the beginning and why did the
>insurance company say they had it on their desk?  None of this makes any
>sense.  I hate to sound paranoid but it just seems like everyone is in a
>conspiracy to keep Cory from getting the pump.  The endo has quit making
>insulin adjustments.  He says I can handle it myself and that the combination
>Cory is on cannot be managed.  His nurse said they never use NPH and H
>together.  This mix was prescribed by the former endo ( I requested the H
>instead of R). Cory has a 5 hour span from breakfast to lunch and even though
>he eats a mid morning snack the NPH frequently peaks about 1/2 hour before
>lunch and Cory drops to 40 - 60 range.  I have decreased both the NPH and H
>insulin but he is still too low.  Cory has some massive canker sores right
>now and although he swears he is eating his am snack, I wonder if he really
>is. I am so upset about all this.  I thought he would have his pump long
>before now.  Sorrry to spend so much time venting.  I have heard many of you
>refer to NPH as evil so thought perhaps you would understand the problems we
>have with it.  Now, does anyone know of a way to speed up the "pump getting"
>Trying to calm down,
>Grand-mom to Cory
>age 11 ~ dx'd 12/28/98
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml