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[IP] Is diabetes only a medical condition?

I don't think it is.

Living with diabetes is full of emotional land mines.  And very few of
us have the "tools" to deal with the land mines.  

Finding an external answer helps for a while but is never able to "fix"
a psychological, emotional, or spiritual hole. The pump is a great tool.
It will never take away the stigma of syringes some of us have; Or the
panic some feel about an injection. 

Those who have had problems with the pump, how intense were your
feelings about the "failure"? If the intensity was noticeably more than
before the pump, are you willing to look at the feelings?

Recently many people have talked about getting a teen to "do diabetes
correctly". Any of you voluntarily willing to simulate "living with
diabetes" for a month? Or even a week? I have heard of a professor who
gave that assignment to some of his med students; they all refused.  

It's very easy to say how someone else should do something.... And what
if they are doing the best that they can and you are unwilling to accept

Some of the well meaning comments sound similar to people who have tried
to force an alcoholic to stop drinking... can't force it, only strive to
get to a position of understanding and encouragement...

No matter how difficult it is, the psychological, emotional, and
spiritual aspects of diabetes need to be addressed in addition to the

Cancer and AIDs have forced people to deal with feelings. I think it's
past time for diabetes.

Jim S.
email @ redacted
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