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Re: [IP] Carbohydrates?

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Subject: [IP] Carbohydrates?

I am fixing to get on the pump and I have been on shots now for 15 years. How hard is it to learn to count carbohydrates and is there anything I need to know before I get started on a pump? Is there an easy way to go? Any books I should read or is there anyone I could talk to in the Jackson,MS area that could talk to me that has been on the pump for some time now. HELP! We(my husband and I) have looked at the video's and books from the companies and have been on the computer asking questions.It just seeems like my life is fixing to change in a big way and I want to know all I can and I want to be able to make a wise choice on picking a pump and not be overwhelmed in all of this new process. I work in daycare field and I have two sons. I am hoping this does not disrupt our family....We are all happy about the pump and how it will benifit my health and make me a happier person. If someone has any advise please feel free to give it............. Thanks Gale K.