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Re: [IP] Deb re: Eve

> Is it possible that she is trying to lose weight?  Is there any reason she
> might feel like she is fat?  Peer pressure?  stupid little brothers?  It
> WELL documented that us females with diabetes have a high rate of eating
> disorders (raising my hand)...no insulin and regular eating means we pee
> those calories right on out...sure we feel like crap, but we loooook
> goooooooooood.

 Eve had put on some weight before her last appt. at the doctors(late Aug.)
and the nutritionist did talk to her about the weight gain and her being not
very active. But the nutritionist did say she should find a sport to join.
She had already decided to join soccer, b/c she likes to it and had played
all summer. We found out that Eve wasn't bolusing/skipping boluses about
three weeks ago. We have been working with one of the  CDE to solve this.
One of the problems is the CDE that I'm talking to over the phone, is not
the one we have seen recently at the doctors office, but Eve does know and
like her. I'm not sure she wouldn't bolus to lose weight, but you never
know. I think it might be she has had it with diabetes in general. She did
tell me she wishes she didn't have to do all this stuff and her friends at
school don't have to do it.

If she wanted to lose some weight, I would think she wouldn't want a snack
before bed every night. After checking her pump each evening for the past
three weeks she is still missing some bolus, most of the time at school. I
think it might be a school thing, not wanting to bolus in front of other
people. This is just a guess on my part. I know that she doesn't feel
comfortable having to do bg's and bolusing in front of normal people. Her
CDE wants her to check her bg's before she plays soccer b/c she has been
very high after soccer. She will play this game with me on how she can get
out of taking her bg. When I  show up with her meter at a game she will say
"I don't have time to take it, I have to be on the field". The fact is she
has a meter in her gym bag that she could have taken her bg's with.

By the way, she thinks she has a stupid big brother.

Deborah mom to Eve 13
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

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