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Re: [IP] infection-upudate


If I understand correctly that you are in the 300-500 range right now 
and over the past few days, why aren't you giving yourself more 
insulin?  Of course you have to be careful about giving too much, but 
when I have trouble with Trent's numbers going up I just keep giving 
more injections or boluses and checking every 30-60 min until they 
start coming back down.  If you are having ketones, it seems to me 
you are waiting too long to give insulin -- but I am not a doctor so 
please check with yours.  My understanding was that ketones meant you 
had to go to the hospital.

Tim, father of Trent age 4 dx 6/00 pumping 8/00

>i've confused some folks, I apologize.
>  It has to be a uti or seomthing else. BG have gone
>higher and now ketones are sitting at large. Stomach
>and back are killer..went to school thinking I'd done
>a shot to bring my bg downa nd would feel better..yeah
>right, bg only came down to 360--so I came home. My
>mom got a doc appt early this am..it's not till 2:30pm
>with the nurse practitioner...came home to sleep..well
>b/c i felt so sick...took a not good nap, hurt a huge
>amount, and vomited..I would assume at this point
>vomiting is from ketones and not the uti or whatever
>it is. All I've had today with any calories (YES<
>WATER N DIET SODA_A LOT to flush ketons but so far no
>luck)...is applejuice,,which was came back up a little
>while ago:-)
>  I left my endoa message so he knew what was going on
>--the 300s-500s the past few days, the ketones which
>have only increased, the bottle changes and the
>bottles of various batches changed, not to mention
>numerous shots on top of my baasals and boluses..and
>hten the symptoms, so something is obviously up..
>  I hate all this! So much for waiting a day or two! My
>body justs knows when to command attention
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