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[IP] dr fisher

Harriet wrote
>  I think that I am in love with Dr. Fisher.  He is so kind
>  when he tells me that he cannot do anything for me now.

he IS good at that isn't he...but was it a shaking his head, looking down at 
the ground  kind of "I just can't do anything for you"....or was it a more 
upbeat, cheerful  "I can't do anything for you right now..."  Are you still 
having bleeds and he cant see through them? or is he waiting for you to 
decide you want to go ahead with a vitrectomy?

Bring him cookies next time you see him...he will do anything for ya 

And anyone on the list who needs a fabulous eye doctor...stay away from 
fisher...it is hard enough to get an appointment with him now as it is!!!

Sara SP
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