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[IP] infection-upudate

i've confused some folks, I apologize.
 It has to be a uti or seomthing else. BG have gone
higher and now ketones are sitting at large. Stomach
and back are killer..went to school thinking I'd done
a shot to bring my bg downa nd would feel better..yeah
right, bg only came down to 360--so I came home. My
mom got a doc appt early this am..it's not till 2:30pm
with the nurse practitioner...came home to sleep..well
b/c i felt so sick...took a not good nap, hurt a huge
amount, and vomited..I would assume at this point
vomiting is from ketones and not the uti or whatever
it is. All I've had today with any calories (YES<
WATER N DIET SODA_A LOT to flush ketons but so far no
luck)...is applejuice,,which was came back up a little
while ago:-)
 I left my endoa message so he knew what was going on
--the 300s-500s the past few days, the ketones which
have only increased, the bottle changes and the
bottles of various batches changed, not to mention
numerous shots on top of my baasals and boluses..and
hten the symptoms, so something is obviously up..
 I hate all this! So much for waiting a day or two! My
body justs knows when to command attention 

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