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Re: [IP] starting the pump on your own

Although I do have an Endo, CDE, & Dietitian, I feel like I have pretty much 
done it on my own. And lots of reading on this list! My team is mostly 
worthless. I have NEVER gotten correct information there. The last time I saw 
the Endo, he said "Your A1c is normal... People with diabetes NEVER have a 
normal A1c. I have never had a patient with a normal A1c." It was scary. He 
is not a young man, he has practiced many years.
 Two weeks later the CDE wanted to change all the basals. (I have been a 
little low occasionally.) I knew better, but did as she suggested. Got sicker 
than a dog, ketones etc. So, it is back to reading. I'll get this fine tuned 
    I would definitely advise reading Pumping Insulin. They sell it at the 
Diabetes Mall http://www.diabetesnet.com or a good bookstore.
    You can do it, good luck, read,read,read!
Pumping since Sept 28, 1999 
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