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Re: [IP] cry for help, different story

    Must be something in the air this week...or maybe it's the stress of our 
kids being back in school & having the reality of trying to be a "normal" 
self-absorbed teen clash with the realities of all that diabetes 
entails...sigh..all I know is after Teresa's post yesterday, your comparable 
post had me sitting here with tears in my eyes. {{{{{{{cyber HUGS to 
you}}}}}} I hope you don't mind that I forwarded your post to a lot of cyber 
friends who also have parented teens with diabetes. Hopefully, our collective 
experiences, and those of the IPers who relate all too well to Eve's very 
valid sentiments can offer you some guidance.
   Here's what I wrote:  Sorry to share this disheartening post from a mom at 
the Insulin Pumpers group, but once again it broke my heart to think how much 
of an unshared burden our kids are carrying around. Melissa was interviewed 
last night for an article on life with a chronic illness. The reporter is 
herself the mother of a diabetic child & between the 3 of us, we could have 
potentially used a whole box of kleenex! What was so bittersweet was 
listening to my child admitting how little I really knew of her thought 
processes & the mental gyrations she'd gone through in past years, being so 
"different". The reporter asked her if her diabetes had ever caused her to be 
"excluded" and she replied " not blatantly, but definitely, in my own mind". 
Yet, conversely, she's now realizing her potential to help, to empower, to 
validate, these very real feelings that were expressed by this mom's teenaged 
daughter. I consider myself blessed that Melissa has been so compliant, 
responsible, etc. and I am indebted to her diabetic CDE who has mentored her 
through those teen years when she could just as easily have decided that NOT 
doing the requsite self-management would make it seem less like she was 
"different". I also know that had she been less willing to accept my input 
and help, our scenario could have been a much different one than it is today.
   There are no easy answers, but I've learned in life that only by honestly 
& openly sharing can we free our children from the potential added burden of 
not only feeling different, but also compounding that by neglecting their 
care in order to "escape" from the unrelenting constancy of diabetes.
   If you're so inclined, I'm certain Deborah would appreciate any words of 
wisdom any of you can offer her. 
Regards, Renee (melissa's pump mom/advocate)
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