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[IP] Initial Pump Training

> How many out there started pumping on their own? Reading and getting the
> idea without a educator?
> Notha

I've had very little training and tech support on my pump usage.  I live in the Bahamas and had to actually go to Endo/CDE team in Ft. Lauderdale to get evaluated and receive the Pump.  Got two hours worth of instruction on button functions, basal calculations, etc. from CDE at 9:00am, hooked up at 11:00am and started pumping.  Saw
the Endo the following day to fine-tune basal rates, grabbed the books and wads and wads of papers and explanations, and off I went into my brave new world.  This was in August, 2000 and things have been quite wonderful since.  I do my own investigations and research and have done extremely well so far. I'm a firm believer in
self-management and rely on my team only for fine-tuning and medical issues that are beyond my scope. Hope this helps.


Susan R.

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