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[IP] egg rolls

Hi! Last night I bought chinese food for everyone and husband didn't make it 
back in time (hypo before dinner)... so I ate half his egg roll as well as 
mine (7:00), ate broccoli and shrimp without rice, half a banana!!!! I 
bolused 4 and took 2 over 3 1/2 hrs (square). Ate about 45 gm carbs (fat free 
pudding) at 9:00 (bg was 79) and bolused 3.  BG was 106 at 12:00 last night. 
This morning 280. I'm thinking the egg rolls bit me later.

I know I probably shouldn't eat so much so late but is there something else I 
can do (I'm a late night muncher). How many carbs are in an eggroll and fat? 

Beth (&Oscar, who is hung over this morning)
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