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Re: [IP] starting the pump on your own

Notha Stevens wrote:
> How many out there started pumping on their own? Reading and getting the
> idea without a educator?

True confession time.

Yes, I started it on my own. Well, not exactly -- a friend of mine had
gotten a new one, and still had his old one, and because I'd been
expressing pump envy for a long time, asked me if I wanted it. My endo
had previously nixed the idea, so I was too afraid to tell him what I
was going to do.

So, anyway,  I went over to my friend's house for the weekend; he showed
me how to fill the reservoir, how to insert the set, and we figured out
the basals conservatively based on the amount of insulin I was already
taking. I was already carb counting because I was on a 4 - 6 shot a day

Then I got up every hour at night to check BGs for 2 nights in a row.

The low basals worked fine, probably because I still had N in my system,
AND because I'm Type Weird, not Type 1. After a few days, I had to
change the basals to compensate for dawn effect -- and I did monkey with
them for a while, BUT by that time, I had already read Pumping Insulin
(my friend sent me home with it), and so, while I had a few high BGs, I
didn't have any lows, and it was all a learning experience, which means
I was really careful with testing for a while. 

Actually, I still monkey with the basals periodically -- they change
depending on how active I am. But I'm perfectly confident I can do it --
I know more about MY diabetes than anyone else in the world!

I do have occasional highs and lows, but am very sensitive to them, and
can compensate appropriately. After I got the pump from my friend, my
endo acquiesced, and I went through "training", but I think I taught the
CDE's more than they taught me. 

I don't regret for one moment having done it myself BUT I wouldn't
actually recommend it to anyone else -- other people might not have the
easy time that I did. In addition, I tend to be VERY medically
independent, but that's the result of a LOT of reading and study -- not
everyone has my background. 

I guess everyone has to do what they think is right. Good luck to all! 
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