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[IP] diabetes: infection, NOT pump

I think I haven't been clear.
 I do NOT htink my probs with diabetes this wweek are
specifically pump related..it's coincidental that last
week I switched pumps but does not explain things.
 Ok, had a cold alst weekend..basically gone by
tuesday..didn't get to be full blown.
 bg had been averaging 300-500..today did a temp basal
and was decent..128-250 all day..with modertate/large
keonts...NOT ketones hanging around i'm sure. 
 Siunce Monday I feel nauseous and on the verge of
puiking at school..wkaing up with bgs between 100 and
220, and going up from the minute i wake up...under
extreme stress right now..and nauseous and back
pain... i don't think it's my period nor just stress
b/c that doesn't expalin keotnes..only think i can
relate it to (b/c of nausea backpain etc) is a
UTI..happened exact same time last year..similar
symptoms..which were next to none big ones except i
couldn't get bg under 200 for long and i had ketones
nonstop..only 2 days thougha dn then i went to the doc
b/c then i was sure something was up...
 I'm not freaking out..i want to wait till friday, and
my mom sees our pcp that day anyway so she can ask
him,b ut i don't think stress is the cause..i think it
is pi.ing on top of it b/c i've been upset feeling so
sick latelyl. anyhow..i guess the symptoms i'm really
run down, the nausea even with eating NOThing, and
then ketnes..not to mention the numerous shots, site
changes and bottle changes wiht no effect. I know i'm
not explaining this well and will get a few accusatory
private emails from people who think it's something
stupid, but i'm being serious.
 I'd hate to think it's another bladder infection, but
it's nothing external. and the ketones aren't
expalined..I am NOT dehydrated nor am i dieting..and i
had ketones this time last week even when my bg were
good..i had some nausea then but very little compared
to the escalation this week....
 please respond privately,

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