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Re: [IP] cry for help.....(long)

This is my first time to respond to anything that has been posted because I 
have been on the list only a couple of weeks but I can definitely relate with 
your son.

I found out in October of last year, after losing 30 pounds and being 
extremely tired, that I was diabetic. If that wasn't bad enough, the big blow 
was after a week of taking oral medication that I could not keep my bg's 
under control so the next step was injections. I just wanted to crawl in a 
hole somewhere and die. Now understand that I was 27, so I can imagine what a 
blow it would be to a teenager.

I still wish it would just go away, that everytime I want to eat that I could 
just sit down and eat like I used to and not have to do my math. I think that 
maybe if he has some really good classmates and friends that they would 
support him. Maybe if there were some way of getting them involved with his 
diabetes then he would be more responsible in getting it under control.

Also, if there were some type of support group where he could be around other 
people who have diabetes that he would see that he is not alone. It has 
helped me a lot finding out that there are other people in my workplace that 
are diabetic and that we can relate to some point. I am almost positive that 
there is someone in the school, whether it be another student or a teacher, 
that is going through the exact same thing your son is.
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