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Re: [IP] cry for help

<part of original post>
<He is 15, and we try to let him take as much responsibility with his
life as possible. Obviously we have given him too much of our trust? Do
we need to take it back, and start checking his blood for him? Giving
boluses for him? Counting carbs for him? He isn't home all the
time......should I ground him to the house for the next year? Home
school him so that he is always here? And sports.....the one thing he
LOVES - should I take that away as punishment? ....What can I do???
What should I do???  He tells us so often that he hates his life.  What
can I do???  I am so scared for what the future holds for him!!!  I am
very actively involved in a diabetes support group and am on the board
of JDF - I have alot of support, but still........WHAT DO I DO?? >

Hi Teresa,

As the parent of a 19-year old and a 21-year old, I can relate to those
teen years!

My suggestion:  keeping him locked at home (my words, not yours!),
watching him like a hawk, etc., etc., is probably not going to work at
this stage.

1) reinforce to him that you love him, and that if he thinks you are
being overprotective, it is because of your great love for him.

2) don't try to micromanage--he'll resent it. See if you can get him to
test before meals and before bed. Help him understand that if he
doesn't, at least ask him please not to lie to you about it. Try to
reach an understanding about a minimal level of testing, etc.

3) most importantly, are there any other diabetic teens close to his age
that he knows? Preferably teens who are pumpers. It would be great if he
could talk to a diabetic teen who is being fairly responsible about
these things--and then that teen would be able to get into your son's
world and give him that spark/incentive to do the things he should that
right now you cannot.

Hope this helps. Hang in there!!


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