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[IP] Re: cry for help

Teresa said:  "guess what I am wondering is.....since he isn't taking care
of himself, not
taking this pump and his health seriously, should I take the pump away?"

Please, whatever you do, do not take his pump away.  If he isn't taking care
of himself, at least he has the pump going in the background, and hopefully
his basals are correct.  That should give you some assurance.

He sounds like a smart kid.  I would never have thought about using the test
solution to trick anyone, and no way could I have changed the dates and
times for the tests.  Hopefully, he'll get through this phase and realize
that the diabetes won't go away, and he just has to accept it.  I went
through this at his age, and got through it without any complications.  It
actually lasted throughout college (I know that isn't any encouragement for
you).   Not very long after I was diagnosed, at age 11, I was going through
a "Why me?" period.  My mom said "that I should be glad that I was smart
enough and strong enough to handle it.  That alot of other kids might not be
able to deal with it, and those kids would have eventually gotten the
complications had they gotten the disease.  But I was smart and I could
handle it and control the disease, not vice versa."   As a kid, I believed
what she said, and it at least got me over the anger and denial of having
diabetes.  It still took me quite a few years before I tested blood sugars
like I should, but a kid's got to have a normal life!!!

Hope this helps.  Feel free to whine, vent, pray, etc. whenever the mood
strikes!  Good luck.


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