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Re: [IP] Theesa & her teenage son

Susan has made an excellent point.  I also was not the most popular kid in
school, but it had nothing to do with my diabetes (I just didn't care for
anyone in my school).  But if I did check my blood in school everyone was
very interested in what i was doing and they always asked me questions, but
noone ever put me down because of it.  Even now, my 8 year old niece loves
watching me check my blood and do a site change, that shows that kids are
interested in different things and they may even start asking some
questions.  Theresa did you son ever give his friends a chance to look at it
or to ask questions about it? or has he alway hid it from everyone?  Has
your son ever thought about going to one of those diabetes camps, he would
feel alot more comfortable being around other kids in the same situation.
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> You mentioned 'special needs' - which perhaps means he is already having
> trouble fitting in if he is in special ed classes.  I was a 'nerd' in
> high school  -  and looking back on it, I wished I hadn't worried about
> it so much.  My senior year I got in with the "in" crowd and quickly
> discovered that that wasn't my thing.  It's just hard to see that as a
> child.  Diabetes has never made me not fit in - it's actually made me
> make more friends because it's a conversation starter.  Hopefully
> someone else will be able to comment on that!

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