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[IP] calm down ;)

Hi theresa - check out my web page on children w/ diabetes at 

It's a fine line between nagging and stepping back, but 2 weeks w/o
checking blood sounds like it is time for action.  Maybe you could try a
"graduated" scale approach to this:  if for one week, you always test in
front of me and check once at school, then we can move to step two...
etc.  Asking for 6-7 tests a day cold turkey won't work.  Parents often
comment on the "once they realize they feel so much better it will come
naturally" - uh, NOT!  I don't feel all that bad when I am high - never
have, so that does not work for everyone.  I myself am having trouble
lately keeping tabs on myself - it happens to the best of us, remind him
of that.  Sometimes a "vacation" is best taken as saying "Ha, I am only
going to check myself twice a day!!!" instead of not at all.  A
"scheduled" vacation where you tell him that is okay relieves the guilt
and focus on the fact that you ARE doing something wrong.

Aim for encouragement, and punishment only in the form of super-guidance
until he can prove himself once again.  Don't restrict the other things
making him happy in life - depression can make it even harder to take
control.  The pump is the only thing keeping him alive right now; be
thankful that he is at least doing that - I would probably NOT take it

One thing I cannot comment on is the hiding of diabetes.  I fortunately
have never had this issue.  When I test my blood, it takes 15 sec - most
people don't ever even see me do it!  I use a Fasttake meter (small,
silent, fast) which I carry in my pocket or purse depending on what I am
wearing.  If you do it in your lap in class, no one hardly ever

You mentioned 'special needs' - which perhaps means he is already having
trouble fitting in if he is in special ed classes.  I was a 'nerd' in
high school  -  and looking back on it, I wished I hadn't worried about
it so much.  My senior year I got in with the "in" crowd and quickly
discovered that that wasn't my thing.  It's just hard to see that as a
child.  Diabetes has never made me not fit in - it's actually made me
make more friends because it's a conversation starter.  Hopefully
someone else will be able to comment on that!
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