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Re: [IP] cry for help.....(long)

>I Just don't get it.......He cares more about people seeing him test his 
>blood, than he cares about his health??

Absolutely! I would also like to reinforce what Jenny and others have
said: we may think its silly to not want to have his friends know he is
testing, but to him it is a BIG deal. He is 15 and image is EVERYTHING.
A 15 year-old would rather die than have his friends see him do
something "uncool" (and I mean that quite literally). It has to be a
huge pain in the rear to be to resetting the clock on the meter all the
time and faking all those tests -- probably a bigger pain than just
doing the tests in the first place. So there must be something HUGE
keeping him from doing those tests. Try to find out what it is. Is it
really the pain? Try one of the new meters that doesn't use fingertips.
Is it keeping it a secret from the friends? I think someone suggested
testing in the bathroom. Or find a really small meter so he doesn't fell
like he is hauling around this huge obvious piece of equipment.

I think you are right that taking away sports will just make him mad and
won't be productive. How about instead trying to help him understand
that all those crazy blood sugars must be hurting his performance. There
are plenty of diabetics (Gary Hall Jr and the captain of the UK rowing
team come to mind) who participate in athletics at a high level, but
their blood sugars must be in control to do that. Maybe this will give
him some incentive/positive reinforcement.

>He tells us so often that he hates his life.

To me, a completely untrained person, this sounds like a serious cry for
help. Someone else suggested counseling, which I think you said you are
already doing. Have they said anything about him being depressed?

I also agree that taking the pump away probably isn't going to help. At
least he is doing his boluses (I can't think of a way to fake that,
except unhooking before bolusing). 

>I am so scared for what the future holds for him!!!  

Well, I don't know if this will help or not but: my husband Shane was in
a very similar state 15 years ago, when he was 15. He never did blood
sugars, made up numbers to record in the book to show the doctor.
Skipped shots often. Didn't want people to know he was diabetic. Snuck
"bad" food like cake and pie that was "forbidden" without telling anyone
and without doing extra insulin. Moved away from home at 18 and didn't
see a doctor for over 7 years. It was not until the last year or 2 that
he finally started to make a real effort at taking care of himself.
However -- he is still here and he is still in remarkably good
condition! A few complications, yes, but it could be much worse. Keep in
mind that many teen diabetics do some rebelling, and there is only so
much you can do to help him. It is sad and painful for you, but until he
really wants to do something about it himself, you can only do so much.
Please do not feel guilty or inadequte because of this disease!
Good luck, and please let us know how things go.
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