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Re: [IP] cry for help.....(long)


I, like Renee, wish I could give you a huge hug and alleviate some of 
your and Justin's pain. You're obviously a good mom because you 
*care* and you're trying to do the best for Justin.

I'm not a parent of pumper, but I am a parent and a pumper. I agree 
with everything Renee said in her wonderful post. I just wanted to 
emphasize, having been a teenage diabetic, what Renee said about 
Justin's wanting to be like his peers and being embarrassed about 
testing. That is his reality, and I think the best approach is to 
work from that. Brainstorm with him about how and when he can test 
without drawing attention to himself. Maybe the bathroom stall--even 
though my guess is that in 15 years, Justin will be like a lot of us 
"older" diabetics who refuse to hide when testing. :-)

Don't punish him for not testing, emphasize that what you want (and 
he needs) is the *information* that testing brings, whatever the BG 
level. Tell him that the 346 isn't an indictment of him and his 
character, it's merely a *data point* to help you and him figure out 
what basals he needs, or boluses, or whatever. And, from what I know 
of what I went through as a teen, don't react to those high numbers. 
Just shrug and help him do what needs to be done. Praise him for 
bolusing, praise him for whatever he's doing right.

And I think you're right in giving Justin responsiblilty, I just 
think it may take some time for him to completely figure out how to 
handle it. I don't think you taking over will help much. That will 
just make you into the "diabetes police" and Justin will fight you, 
not deal with the disease.

Hang in there and don't beat yourself up! Parenting by itself is 
difficult enough, add diabetes into the mix and King Solomon would 
have problems doing it.


Jenny Nash
email @ redacted
Type 1 diabetes since 1/31/73, pumping on a D. since 10/3/95.
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