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[IP] Type of meter/program and pump bumps

After I just bragged last week about how well my son is doing, we go to the 
endo and his A1C has gone from 7.5 to 8.7 in three months.  I haven't been on 
him about record keeping and he wasn't doing it.  Turns out he has been 
having high blood sugars and I didn't know it.  The endo told him he 
absolutely HAS to keep records of everything so he can get his blood sugars 
under better control.  I am looking for a meter or computer program that he 
can input all of his blood sugars, carbs eaten, boluses, etc.  Maybe this way 
he will keep track.  He uses a FastTake now and loves it, but he can't add 
the info he needs to the download.    Also,  his sites are starting to look 
bad- no infection, but red looking after less than three days.  His endo told 
him he has to do site changes every two days for now.  His sites have started 
leaving bumps that take a couple of weeks to heal.  Any suggestions?  Thanks
Annette   (mom to Josh, 17, dx 8/91, pumping since 9/28/99)
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