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[IP] getting old fast

On Tue, 3 Oct 2000 Amy Martin <email @ redacted> wrote a lot of stuff
that I won't copy


Have you considered getting a new doctor??  It seems that changing pumps did
little if anything except further frustrate you.

Based on your readings and your results I would start from scratch (I've had
to do this more than once) re-adjust my basals and my boluses.  I know it
sounds (and is) painful but the consequences of NOT doing it are even uglier
(and much more long term).

As to high school: I once had a substitute teacher call the school nurse
because she saw a sight where I had had a blood test earlier that day and
was convinced I was shooting IV drugs!!  The nurse (and school principle)
came running into the room to discover little diabetic me trying not to roll
over on floor laughing.

High school does have one advantage over college: they can't not accept you
because of the diabetes. I was accepted early admission to RPI and then
never sent the paperwork because the school was waiting for a letter from my
doctor telling them it would be OK for all of my syringes and insulin and
supplies to be kept in school clinic (due to their high rate of drug abuse
they were afraid of them being stolen)!


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