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Re: [IP] need help with bg

Nancy, you wrote:

4:55p.m.   Bg 302  I bolused 2.9 units for high sugar
5:46p.m.   Bg 307  I did a site change
6:30p.m    Bg 344  Ketones neg.   Called CDE  Took an extra 1.8 bolus
6:37p.m.   Bg 313  Yeah coming down
7:15 p.m   Bg 317   What is going on?

I don't think you are giving the insulin enough time to act.  The 2.9 you
took at 5:00 was just peaking at 7:15 (YMMV, but that's based on average
absorbsion, etc.)  You took even more at 6:30 -- that won't be out of your
system until 10:30 or so.  Also, 35 min between your 6:37 test and your 7:15
means your blood sugar was essentially stable (not on it's way back up or
crashing down) at 7:15 -- 4 points is essentially unchanged with home blood

My advice (for what it's worth) is to drink plenty of non-caloric fluids,
keep testing for ketones, and hold off on any more boluses for a while.
Also, when you changed your site, are you sure you primed the correct amount
after the set was inserted?  I've sometimes had to go back and look at my
pump and found that I forgot that second .5 prime that has to be done after
the introducer needle is removed from my soft-set.  I don't know what pump
or sets you are using, but it might be worth checking that.

If you start showing ketones, or if it gets above 400 in an hour or so, I'd
give an injection with a syringe to bring it down.  DON'T do this now,
because if the boluses you have already had are working more slowly than
usual (which sometimes happens when my Blood Sugar is high) you can make
yourself crash and will feel even crummier.

Hope this helps,
Take care,
Kathy Trondsen
46, dx'd at 12 pumping almost 5 months

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