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[IP] getting old fast

 This si complicted
 I have so many set probs it isn't and has never bene
a joke.
 I've changed 3 in 2 days..none today..although I woke
up at 220 and have only gone up... 340 being the
highest..which came down some but I did od a shot at
 yesterday well well I saw a 500...as of now my
numbers are NO better on the disetronic pump... I
don't even care to guess anymore as to what's up.
I am under a lot of stress but the 300s 500s and
ketones is what i call a bunch of pointless bull crap
 School..my gosh! I HATE going to the clinci for set
changes..there is a back room reserved purely for the
4 of us diabetics in teh high school... I talked to
the nurse today..usually she doesn't even see me slip
in and told her how i felt...what i want is to get a
pen so i don't have to come to the clinic to get a
bottle of insulin so i can do a shot..but more
importantly i want to do sset /site changes in teh
bathroom rather than the clinic b/c i almost feel like
i'm "bugging" her..she insists i'm not but i hate how
now (it's only this year since now our school has gone
from 1200 students to 1800 with one nurse and more
tube feedings, etc, etc) --anyhow we basically got
into a fight over this...she's telling me how
unsanitary the bathroom is and how i won't have
room..which is not true... my concern is carrying the
introducer needle around..bu t i've had used rapids in
my backpack before so big whoop..and then telling me
that if i did it not in teh stall i'd freak out other
kids...my reply..I don't care, I ansawer enough
questions as it is:-)
 Anyhow it was not a pretty site..I rarelyt need her
help but am tired of wlaking into a ridiculously busy
clinic where she's in a bad mood (b/c there are so
many complaining kids) and i don't like
"interrupting"...yesterday when iw as 500 with keotnes
i wanted to talk to her , saw her, did a shot and then
went to talk and her door to her office was
closed..conference or something...she told me i
should've waited but i was in ap calc at  the moment
and couldn't afford to miss 20 minutes or
whatever..anyhow it's a bunch of crap. we have a new
building with way too many kids..i'm on this new pump
which i am the only one who knows how to use, and i
couldn't even get a damn temp basal to work in school
today....and on top of that i'm about to puke every
day this week and then i'm 500 along with that... i
don't like bugging her..she says i'm not and htat if i
think i need to talk to her that  s more important
than the kid complaining of a headache to get uot of
class but come on! yeah, i agree, i know people who do
that but I don't like HAVING to go to the lcinic
PERIOD. She can't help me when I"m high or when i'm
low..I told her that when i ask her everytime she says
i know more than her so what's the point..and it ended
there with her saying i'm going to do what i want so
why even talk about it..
 it's a bunch of crap.>I wish the school nurse would
at least half way care..and the ironic thing, even my
emt teacher has not seen a problem in class..where
people couldn't get me to hold my head up..it's sooooo
frustrating, I don't mind doing thigns on my own but
if i'm haivng a prob at least acknowledge it..which
expalins i think my grades in calc this year..every
quiz my bg has started out between 300 and 450--no
wonder i'm not making straight a's anymore! so yes i
am frustrated..i 'd like to be able to do a 5min set
change anytime, anywhere i feel like it..and not to
walk past ten million kids inteh clinic and get a
million weird looks.e.ven more, i wish that when i
have a PROBLEM..which duh i'm havin g alot of lately
someone ELSE could at least help with the
situation..not tell me i know what to do when DUH, if
i knew i wouldn't be asking..I KNOW how to change
bottles of insulin, HOW to do shots, how to do set
changes, how to check for ketones...but what's after
 It diidn't end on a good night but my frineds are
having the same prob just b/c the shcools so busy you
go in the clinic, even puking and it's not a niceplace
to be....
 I am frustrated..I hate having to go there, but more
so i hate having to sit in class sick because i don't
want to be a hassle...
 and even with the short cut sheet the temp basal only
works half the time i do it!
 It gets old fast...i'm tempted to have my mom to talk
to her b/c what i was saying about things did not get
received well..i think she just misunderstood but i
odn't want to explain it..... 

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