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[IP] Re: Going back to meal plan

I have had it with these crazy numbers.Dont know what to do any more. I know 
many of you will say the idea of the pump is to eat whenever but it just 
does not work for us.Iam going to get Ryan to follow a meal plan and see 
what happens to his numbers.I guess it could be hormones causing all the 
grief but just dont know what else to do.I do basal testing and see a 
pattern then wham it changes and is gone so I dont know what to change if 
anything then.I feel we have had the pump long enough we should have this 
all figured out by now but just cannot get any consistent numbers they are 
all over just like on injections. One week Iam fighting lows then the next 
week it is the highs.Go figure anyway thanks for listening.
                                       Lori(Ryans mom)
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