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[IP] Re: Virus attachments

At 09:00 AM 10/03/00 Bonnie Richardson wrote:
 >George, I have Outlook, but what is vbs?  I will run a scan during lunch
 >today.  Do we, you, admins, know if you just opened read and then deleted,
 >it will affect you?   It, being #525, is of course still sitting in my trash

A .vbs file is a "Visual Basic Script" file. These files all end with a 
.vbs extension, but can have a wide variety of file names. They are often 
sent as an attachment to a message. It is essentially a program that can 
execute and do all sorts of things. Because these things can potentially be 
dangerous, you want to make sure that Outlook does not automatically 
execute these types of files. Since I don't have this program on my 
computer I can't tell you exactly how to do this, but it probably is 
somewhere in Tools/Options.

If the script did NOT execute, deleting the file should do the trick. 
Running a virus scan with the latest definitions would also be extremely 
useful, just to make sure you got everything. Just make sure that your 
scanner's virus definitions have been updated within the last week.

If the infected *.vbs script DID execute, you'd know it, since since I 
believe that one of the things it does is trash all the non-active files on 
your system or wreak other types of havok. Not nice at all.


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