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[IP] Advice needed

Several people have sounded off on this and I agree with all that has been written, but I wanted to add another tidbit RE insertion.  I routinely go four days without any infection or highs.
I only use Silhouette sets.  I wash, use IV prep wipe, let it dry, and then put a drop of betadine right where I'm going to insert.  Then I use a dressing and put another drop of betadine on the dressing at the same spot.  After it has all dried, I insert the infusion set.  You could smear betadine all over the area if you want.
Sometimes I'll put another dressing over the top of the whole thing and trim it back so that I can disconnect, but covering the canulus and adhesive pad.
I always change infusion sets right after my morning shower.
Wash your hands with hibi-clense (sp?) antibiotic scrub.
Good luck.

Derek Ryter
Ph.D. Candidate
University of Oregon