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Re: [IP] I need help

> I'm at wits end.........where else to turn but here!  I should have
> a long time ago. Matt's night time numbers are driving me crazy. He
> has a snack around 9pm. Sometimes icecream, or crackers, lastnight
> toast. His 1 hr and 2 hr pp are great, even at 3hrs all is still
> well. Come 4 or 5 hrs and all hell breaks loose. Last night 2 hr pp
> was 117, then jumped to 183 at 3hrs, and i corrected, 0.3,
> (0.1)drops Matt approx 10points, and at 5hrs  pp he was 345! Now i
> fight till morning to get him down. What am i doing wrong? What can
> i try? I've done a fasting basal test from 6pm to 6am and his
> numbers were great, so i'm thinking basals are

Late snacks have caused problems with night time bg's at our house. 
Don't know if it is applicable for you 'cause it is doesn't always 
cause a problem for us, just sometimes. The 345 smells like a low, 
but might not be??? Just be suspicious -- you will find out by 
careful observation. Sorry I can't offer anything more concrete than 
email @ redacted
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