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[IP] Any ideas?

Fellow listmates,
I  am a relative newbie, being on the MM508for four months.  Pumping  is
going great, but I've been having some strange symptoms lately and wondered
if any of you have any ideas.   I am going to a PA this afternoon.  My next
endo appointment isn't until November.  Anyway-I walk for exercise and do
strength training twice a week.  Over a month ago I hurt my back.  I have
never had trouble with my back before so I attributed  it  to the strength
training.  It's a strange feeling like muscle cramping and it moves around
sometimes to the sides.  Yesterday, I leaned over to tie my shoes and got a
similar cramp under my ribs and then later it felt like a charley horse in
my right calf. It seems lioke cramping all over.  I saw a massage therapist
and was told to take calcium and magnesium and drink electrolyte stuff, my
muscles were very tight.  That was two weeks ago and I did everything, but
the symptoms remain.   I take Lipitor (which I stopped for a while, but pain
remained), an aspirin, Vit E, Alpha lypoic acid, and Monopril.  A  while
back my potassium was too high so my endo cut the Monopril dose in half and
my potassium was fine again.

BG's are fine.  My first A1c after starting pumping was 5.8.

Any thoughts on this weird cramping thing would be much appreciated.

Dawn and still trying to come up with a name for my beautiful blue pump.

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