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Re: [IP] I need help-- handling bedtime snacks

In a message dated 10/3/00 10:33:03 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<<  Matt's night time numbers are driving me crazy. He has a snack

around 9pm. Sometimes icecream, or crackers, lastnight toast. His 1 hr and 2

hr pp are great, even at 3hrs all is still well. Come 4 or 5 hrs and all

hell breaks loose.  <snip>  I've done a fasting basal test from 6pm to 6am 
and his

numbers were great, so i'm thinking basals are ok. >>

OK everybody, really now, how many of you are able to predictably handle 
variable bedtime snacks?   I sure can't -- a very small amount of quick carbs 
(or very low calorie) usually works, but whenever I eat late, I assume I will 
have to adjust during the night (I sometimes use square waves in this 
situation, and often it works fine -- I start it when I go to bed, at half 
the amount I bolused at my regular carb rate at the time I ate, for 4 hours), 
but I never feel confident enough not to wake up and test after a few hours). 
  The total amount of insulin I will need is always greater for identical 
food eaten late in the evening than for that eaten earlier in the evening 
(and what constitutes late/early seems to change with the seasons for me, 
probably having to do with activity -- in late winter last year, I seemed to 
be having the late food problem when I ate dinner much after 6, but now it is 
a couple hours later).  I know I have gastroparesis (which for any of you who 
don't know, means the food may not be digested in a prompt or predictable 
manner), but I am under the impression that covering food eaten late in the 
evening is a common problem even among those not so afflicted. ?????

Not eating in the last 4-5 hours or so before bedtime is sure a lot easier 
for me to manage bg-wise, though not always in terms of the rest of my life 

Linda Z

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