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Re: [IP] Dreading my endo appointment...

In a message dated 10/2/00 5:12:34 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< I am really dreading my appointment tomorrow >>

Oh, gosh, wouldn't it be nice if we could all get away from feeling 
criticized by doctors' comments and test results and just use the input to 
figure out whether what we did in the period involved was relevant to what we 
want to do in the future?  Even after 46 years, I can't really do it either 
<gr>, but at least I try to keep the awareness of it in my mind so that my 
defensiveness and feelings of inadequacy don't complicate my relationship 
with my doctor (any more than I can help <gr>).  And try to present facts in 
as straightforward a manner as possible,  to minimize any misinterpretations. 
 I have seen doctors over the years that had a lot of inappropriate reactions 
to what I said (particularly often related to their personal needs to be the 
one in control -- others related to their experience with the previous 
patient, I suspect <gr>).  When I am able to be very straightforward about 
facts (in which I try to include anything relevant to my control -- in this 
sense, I would consider reporting of feelings of depression to be a fact, for 
instance) myself, I find it tends to minimize those unhelpful personal 
reactions from the doctor (or at least the verbalization of them <gr>).  I 
guess I don't mind positive comments, but have never found negative ones very 
useful, so have tried to train my endos (a difficult task) just not to be 
judgmental at all with me <gr>

Linda Z
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