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[IP] I need help

I'm at wits end.........where else to turn but here!  I should have a long
time ago. Matt's night time numbers are driving me crazy. He has a snack
around 9pm. Sometimes icecream, or crackers, lastnight toast. His 1 hr and 2
hr pp are great, even at 3hrs all is still well. Come 4 or 5 hrs and all
hell breaks loose. Last night 2 hr pp was 117, then jumped to 183 at 3hrs,
and i corrected, 0.3, (0.1)drops Matt approx 10points, and at 5hrs  pp he
was 345! Now i fight till morning to get him down. What am i doing wrong?
What can i try? I've done a fasting basal test from 6pm to 6am and his
numbers were great, so i'm thinking basals are ok.............HELP?????????

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