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[IP] CaroleH101

 I want to ask IP list members to maybe look more into a situation before we
all snap on someone.  I am talking about Carole H, she had previously posted
to list about how she doesn't read digest users messages etc etc.  I must
admit I was very upset upon reading this, and I sent off a hasty email to
her, both trying to explain why I personally used digest, and then I also
asked her if her bg was low etc., not being my usual nice self. (?)
She replied to me this AM, stating that she has a son with ADHD, and she is
not having an easy time of it.  I truly feel awful that I bombed her for her
previous post, and I think we may all owe her an apology of sorts.  She
informed me she has unsubscribed from the list so that she is not so
compulsive to throw out an email.  I do not want this to happen, and I want
her to come back.  We are here to help her, not harm, so if all people who
previously sent her an email degrading what she said, would please send her
an apology, I truly would appreciate it, and I am sure Carole could use some
words of encouragement.  I felt like a total ass after I got her email, and
I am sure some others will too.  My apology has been sent, will you please
send one too?  Her email addy is email @ redacted
I thank you all very much, and lets try to get her back, she needs our
support too.
Truly sorry,
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted

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