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[IP] Good news

Well I am going to post good news, not bad, so listen up all!  vbg
I went to my great Super Wal-Mart this past Saturday, and walked out with a
free Dex meter, and still got to keep my old one!  Just at the front
entrance, there was a team of ladies setting up a table, and of course being
the snoop I am, I went and looked, it was all diabetic goodies!! Bayer was
putting it on, and I have a DEX now, so I whipped that sucker out of my
purse and asked the one lady, Valerie, why I keep getting a P55 or P41 alarm
whenever I changed to a new batch of strips.  She had no idea, but offered
to go to her car and get me a free meter since I was having trouble!  Of
course I didn't say no!  Meanwhile, while waiting there was a crowd
gathering so I talked to another lady, she was a type 2, and her sister and
mom were both Type 1's!  Her mom is on three shots a day plus, and I advised
her about the pump.  I whipped THAT sucker out and showed her  my favorite
blue thing in the world, and she was impressed.  Unluckily she has no
computer, but I told her about the list too.  Then I also got a sample of
the Splenda, and haven't tried it yet.
So overall it was a great shopping experience at Wal-Mart this weekend!
For anyone who shops at Wal-Mart, may want to keep your eyes open for this
type of event!
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted

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