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[IP] Re: Surgery

I am scheduled for a routine colonoscopy (a 50th birthday present?) that will 
be done w/o anesthesia - just meds to put me in a twighlight - However, my 
question is how to make sure I can get thru the nite before w/o having to eat 
anything to bring up a low blood sugar. I'd hate to go thru the necessary 
prep of clearing out my system only to have to reschedule because I had to 
eat or drink something. Most of my pump educ. has come from a nurse educator 
who works for MiniMed as my endo. has few pump patients - while he has been 
getting more supportive of the pump, he really is not an "expert" in fine 
tuning due to little exposure. While she will offer suggestions to the 
doctor, it is still kind of a round about way to get info on this. I still 
have not been too successful at avoiding lows and I do not want to go into 
this with a very high reading either. I will be having a liquid dinner 
followed by no food or drink after midnite (procedure scheduled for 9AM). I 
tend to run low in the evenings. I am on a vey low basal rate most of the day 
- 5.2 total. My total insulin varies between 15.9 and 18.0 depending on meals 
and snacks. Has anyone had this experience and handled it successfully?  
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