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Re: [IP] Question about Trigger Finger

In a message dated 10/2/00 6:52:57 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<  he opted to 
give injections in both of my hands.  These worked for about 6 weeks and it 
comes right back.  I looked some info on trigger finger up on the net and 
several documents I read said that in most "diabetics" that the surgery is 
required.  I went to my doc again today and for some reason it seems like he 
is absolutely refusing to do the surgery.  Now he has given me a prescription 
of cellbrex  >>

I had 6 surgeries on trigger fingers between 1986 and 1992, as well as many, 
many injections. None of the anti-inflammatories I tried helped worth a darn, 
but I don't know anything about cellbrex.  I find now that the trick for me 
is to keep the fingers moving and not let them get swollen -- when they hurt, 
I manipulate them between open and closed positions about 10 times, and try 
to repeat that a couple times a day for a while.  When they are already too 
stiff to do that without too much pain, I use a paraffin bath to warm them 
first (my first surgeon was insistent that I not soak in hot water for this 
purpose, so I don't, but other doctors have said it is not a problem)  
Sometimes it takes a while (a week or two) before the finger stops hurting, 
but I have only needed 1 injection in the last 8 years, and no surgeries.  It 
is not my natural inclination to manipulate a painful joint, but it seems to 
be what helps me, so I have tried to train myself to do it whenever I feel 
pain there.  For me, surgery was not only a very painful and 
difficult-to-control-blood-sugars experience, but was also not a permanent 
solution:  2 of the fingers operated on have since retriggered.  Others on 
the list have expressed more positive views of it.

Linda Z
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