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Re: [IP] Bad Weekend...

> Michael wrote:
> > It is unlikely that the problem is with the infusion sets. You didn't
> > mention in your post which set your are using. It might be that the
> > type of set is just not suited for your daughter. This is not all
> > that uncommon so don't be upset about it. 
> Caitlyn uses the Micro infusion set.  She is so tiny, and she
> doesn't like the actual insertion part so we use the soft serter to
> make it easier on her.  The Micro she has on now is working like a
> dream, but it came from the very first box we received... the last
> three came from the same box and was from our newest shipment... I
> am stumped...  Now what?
Many kids use the Silohette, even little ones. It is appears to be 
more stable once inserted. It looks scary, but those who use it like 
it a lot. Get some samples and try on yourself first to get the 
insertion technique right. There are photos and a video on the web 
site FAQ page. Get some topical anesthetic or numb her site first 
with ice.

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