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Re: [IP] Dual Wave Bolus Issues

In a message dated 10/2/00 2:05:43 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< For instance, the 2 slices of pizza you refer to, what % of the total dwb 
would you allocate to 1.) the "bolus" and 2.) the "square wave" - 50/50?  I 
understand that timing is
 probably a ymmv issue, but over what period does one normally set the 
"square" portion for a high fat meal - 3-4 hours, 2 hours? the higher the 
fat, the longer the "square wave"?  >>

Yes, your mileage WILL vary. If, for example, I am eating a couple of slices 
of pizza, I will bolus a total of 7 units -- 4 up front and 3 spread over 4 
hours. You have to practice to find your own pattern.

Jan and Elvis
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