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Re: [IP] Disetronic Cartridges

>The cartridges in question had a light blue rubber "stopper" in them whereas
>all my previous ones had been black. ... I am shipping them back
>to Disetronic so they can see what is wrong. Have any other Disetronic users
>gotten cartridges that were very hard to use?

The glass cartridges Shane received with his pump all had the light blue
stoppers. We haven't seen any black ones (except for the plastic
cartridges with the black o-rings). As far as we can tell, there haven't
been any problems with the glass cartridges we have. His pump was also
eating batteries for a while, but that turned out to be due to old
batteries, and a fresh batch cleared up the problem. Please keep us
updated if you find out any additional info from Disetronic on this.
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